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Why companies need a business consultant in Dubai?

June 4, 2019

Dubai is one of seven Emirates of UAE & has developed as a best commercial hub in the middle east. Perhaps Dubai, One of the friendliest countries for doing business. But one also needs the clarity, knowledge, and understanding about the marketplace, economic scenario and the plans of starting a business in the country. There are approx 35 free trade zone in the offshore company in Dubai, all of which are having fantastic Investors hub. UAE combined companies are permitted to work in the Free Zones & excused from paying taxes, trade barriers & quotas.

1. Expert guidance for your Business Activity

“The only source of knowledge is an experience,” said Albert Einstein.

In business setup consult us thrive have a tremendous experience, then you who probably start with our self. In the world of businesses, especially in Dubai, there is nothing more valuable than experience. Hiring an experienced business consulting team can prove to be a lot of benefits for your business. We consult us and thrive can provide you suggestions which are directly driven by the ongoing marketing trends and past experiences.

2. Selections of Locations

Selecting a business location is the most vital decision for small businesses or startup entrepreneurs offshore company in Dubai. We consult us can provide excellent advice on what is better suited for your type of business and how to go about setting it up in those areas. Consult us & thrive can help you with company registration and legal formalities There are few phases of choosing a location for your business. We are trying to mention a few for more details connect with us

• Size of the city’s trading area
• Population and population trends
• Number and size of the competition
• Quality and aggressiveness of competition
• The geographic direction of the city’s expansion
• Sales and traffic growth probabilities of the trade area
• Demographics of neighbourhoods

Selecting Proper License type

Licenses are more general, granting permission to do something or use something. For example, a business wanting to sell liquor must get a license such as e-commerce license UAE. Sometimes a license claims a test, as for a professional license. Every town, city, and country has special kinds of permissions to do business in their domain. Special occasions usually require a permit, as do several types of items sold (liquor licenses, ecommerce license for example). Check with your local business office to see what types of licenses or permissions might be required.

4. Open bank account in Dubai

Dubai is home to many international banks and many local people. Banking in Dubai is identified to be fraught with fees, and it’s always a good idea to get a full list of possible charges before deciding where to open your business bank account. For these you required offshore bank account in UAE consult us & thrive will give you more information. If you’re preparing to transfer money internationally, it’s especially essential to keep your eye on foreign transfer fees

Following are few bank names to open a bank account in Dubai
• Emirates NBD
• Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
• Mashreq Bank
• United Arab Bank
• First Gulf Bank
• Commercial bank of Dubai

5. To save time, money and effort in Documentation

Consult us & thrive have well versed in introducing up businesses in UAE complies with all the legal and financial rules and regulations of the country. This will save you the time and the hassle of doing the tedious paperwork, leaving you to focus on more pertinent business issues. Instead of spending time educating yourself about the various types of forms and applications and then figuring out which category you fit in, consult us will present you with various options applicable to your type of business, so you mitigate unnecessary risks that could lead you to pay fines later on and make a well-informed decision

6. To guide you with legal

Starting a business ? If you are not doing business as your own name, you will need a fictitious name or “DBA” (doing business as) permit. In addition, other specific types of licenses or permits may be required before you can open your doors for business. Generally, you need to contact the Department of Economic Development of the respective emirate to seek the ‘initial approval’ and register the trade name. You can do that either by visiting their office or through their eServices. It is only after seeking the initial approval that you can proceed for additional approvals of other authorities which are required in case of certain business/trading activities.

7. Financial formalities for your business

The UAE has strict laws and regulations reporting to business activities. Therefore, it is highly profitable to hire a consultancy, especially for legal and financial guidance. A single failure could lead to serious implications like paying heavy fines or facing legal charges. Sometimes, these points may crop up long after you have set up your company. Consult us & thrive can protect you from these problems by recommending the right type of business/legal license and guide you with correct funding. Banks in Dubai don’t finance new businesses. Unless your business in Dubai is a subsidiary of a well-established business. So your investment plan must not depend on banks. It would be best to rely on your savings or on beneficial Angel investors.

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