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Offshore Company Formation With The Bank Account

June 12, 2019

We support our clients in selecting the appropriate first-class bank and facilitate the introduction to a business account in international, well-capitalized and solid banks, operating in a stable economic environment. Our offshore banking network involves the major international financial centers with international banks.

If you care about making more money and keeping what you have. If you want to make your business grow internationally as well as increase your earnings, optimizing your investments and legally easing the tax burden by setting up an offshore company in the country with lower tax rates like UAE.

We are certain that an offshore company without its own offshore bank account is worthless. As a result of close cooperation with a number of international key banks over the years, we are able to grant a bank account, which can be opened as soon as the offshore incorporation is registered. In doing so, our services go far beyond giving and forwarding just bank application reports. Consult us & Thrive supports you active during the whole application process.

All banks are decided bank institutes in terms of confidentiality, and they are bound by banking secrecy. On the basis of our long-standing collaboration, clients do not have to start the account direct with the bank. We at Consult us takes care of this and undertakes the whole process, including all necessary preliminary considerations and preparations.

How do we choose our network of banks?

This is the first thing that values to us. Even though we are not the bank, nor can we control its assistance, we want to make sure that our clients are served as good as they are served with insurance. We therefore constantly monitor relationships and ask our customers for feedback. If a client is not satisfied, we intervene straight with the bank or offer alternatives. That said, given our size and volumes, banks usually do their best to please Insurance.

With our 30 years of experience in the field, we are able to select banks that are secure, provide excellent services, as well as numerous banking facilities (e-banking, credit cards, letters of credit, etc.).

In addition, other important characteristics are considered before selecting a bank, such as:

  • The political and economic stability of the country where the bank is located.
  • Bank service conditions (fees, minimum deposit, etc).
  • The excellent reputation of the institution.
  • Wide range of financial products offered.
Opening a bank account for your company

We have received a banking network and expertise which enables us to assist our clients through the account application for all companies we register. Obviously, the final choice to open an account lies with the bank, but our clients’ account opening success rate is excellent.

Our professional position as “International Corporate Service Provider” and our signing of a good behavior charter makes us a welcomed introducer in the eyes of financial establishments in general.

As a result of this, opening an account and managing the dossier is much simpler, we send the banking file directly to our clients. Bank account opening by correspondence is also possible for many banks with whom we work.

What banking facilities are available?

As a general rule, the following facilities are accessible from the financial establishments with whom we work:

Multi-currency accounts;


Trading in currency, shares and other titles;

Interest-bearing accounts;

Credit card and a debit card; and

Letter of Credit.

We point out that it is tough for offshore companies to establish credit lines, loans or other cash facilities unless assets are deposited with a bank to serve as collateral.

Which documents are needed to open a bank account?

As a general rule, the bank asks for an attested copy of the shareholder’s and director’s passport (beneficial owner), as well as recent evidence of residence which, must be less than three months old. However, the full scope of papers depends on the bank, and on the particulars of each case. If the client goes to the bank in person to initiate the account, a certified copy of the passport is not required. In Dubai, banks also require a letter of reference from a bank and a CV. In Dubai, banks do not open accounts by correspondence.


Every bank account statement is directed to the bank’s mandatory due diligence provisions and duties under national and international (FATF) standards, in particular, to check money laundering, and nothing on this webpage shall be interpreted as an offer to waive such requirements and duties.


Opening an offshore bank account (or even an onshore bank account) for an offshore or low tax company is very different from opening an account in your local high street. We offer introductions to a number of reputable banks.

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