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Dubai makes all the right noises for both holidaymakers and business travellers

September 20, 2019

Yet, more than 2 million people reside in Dubai, many having migrated from other parts of the world, supporting Dubai’s status as the world’s most cosmopolitan city by the International Organization for Migration. Dubai provides an ideal work-life balance with a mix of suburban and skyscraper neighbourhoods just a stone’s throw from the metropolitan centre of the city. If you see the city as a key hub for your business’ expansion, here’s a guide to get you started on making the city your permanent home.

Join the ranks of a growing foreign workforce

The process of bringing your family with you will be handled by your company’s HR team if you’re joining an existing firm. In this scenario, you need to get yourself sorted first; once your new company has issued your immigration card, you fly to the UAE, clear a medical exam and have your visa stamped into your passport. Once you’ve received your Emirates ID, you’re able to open a bank account, rent a property to secure and attest a tenancy contract.

Then it’s a matter of providing your new residency documents and attested marriage and birth certificates to your HR. They will handle the rest, supported by a rapidly growing suite of highly expeditious digital government services rolling out as part of the Dubai Government’s Smart City programme.

Creating dependent visas for your family can vary between two weeks up to a month. The process is much easier and shorter if you’ve visited the UAE before and have an immigration stamp in your passport (which can mean a holiday in the UAE is an even more alluring idea if you and your family haven’t visited already).

Take the entrepreneurial leap in Dubai

If you’re planning to move to Dubai to start your own business, the process is a little different. First, you must determine what kind of business activity and type of trade licence you will need. These details can be found on the official UAE government website, and there are numerous organisations in Dubai to assist with business set-up. Once you have your trade licence, you will receive your immigration card to enter the UAE to complete the residency process.

The difference in applying for dependents is proving that you are financially secure and prepared to host your family. This can be done by providing bank statements to the Ministry of Labour. If you have all of the proper documents in place, there should be no issues with starting your business and bringing your family along for the ride.

Whether you decide to move to Dubai as an employee or as your own boss, you’ll find Dubai just as incredible as your home as it is for a holiday.

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