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Company Formation Without Clients Presence in Dubai

October 4, 2019

The economy of the UAE is formed in a comfortable way that meets your necessities and helps you avoid all difficulties connected with a lack of opportunity of having an office. In simple words, “FreeZone” means a special economic zone where business owners get the benefit of keeping 100% of business ownership and enjoy tax exemptions.

And, furthermore, it represents an opportunity to start a business without establishing the office, which eases the matter several times. UAE Freezones are useful for those who have an idea but don’t have the required knowledge and resources to move their concept forward and start their business. The government stimulates such business formations in order to facilitate capital flows into the country.

They build a system that can help to benefit both sides. Before starting a business you should analyze the peculiarities of each zone. Because every free zone has own area of operation (aviation, education, financial, IT, media).Besides everything listed, I also want to add that the company can only operate in the registered zone and can’t expand beyond its free zone.

Offshore Company Formation With The Bank Account

We support our clients in selecting the appropriate first-class bank and facilitate the introduction to a business account in international, well-capitalized and solid banks, operating in a stable economic environment. Our offshore banking network involves major international financial centers with international banks.

If you care about making more money and keeping what you have. If you want to make your business grow internationally as well as increase your earnings, optimizing your investments and legally easing the tax burden by setting up an offshore company in the country with lower tax rates like UAE.

We are certain that an offshore company without its own offshore bank account is worthless. As a result of close cooperation with a number of international key banks over the years, we are able to grant a bank account, which can be opened as soon as the offshore incorporation is registered. In doing so, our services go far beyond giving and forwarding just bank application reports. Consult us & Thrive supports you active during the whole application process


All about Getting Security Industry Regulatory Agency Approval (SIRA) Approval in Dubai

As we know Dubai is one of the most preferred and ultramodern architectural places in the world to start own business. Dubai attracts all national & international entrepreneurs because of exceptional business infrastructure facilities, versatile economic systems, and open environment to expand their home country businesses or start new business opportunities here in UAE.

Starting a business in Dubai is not so tough if you are well familiar with local rules, regulations, and UAE legal & government bodies. There are some business activities in Dubai that require some external approvals. Suppose if you want to start a business related to the security industry in Dubai then SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) approval is required.

Before proceeding to the SIRA approval procedure, we will discuss what the Security Industry Regulatory Agency in Dubai is and why its approval required for some business activities to start.

What is the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) in Dubai?

Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) is a government authority that is responsible to regulate the security industry in Dubai to make it a secure and safer city. SIRA is in charge of licensing & monitoring all security services providers in Dubai by offering safety to the community with advanced security systems and precautionary measures.

Business Activities Required Dubai SIRA Approval:

Business activities can be divided into three main categories for those Security Industry Regulatory Agency approvals and licensing required for starting and running a business in Dubai:

  1. 1.Security Licenses Approval
  2. 2.Companies Security Services licenses Approval
  3. 3.Individuals Services Approval

Security Licenses Approval: SIRA provides security license to peoples with the following specification:
1.Event Security Guard
2.Cash in Transit Guard
3.Security Guard

CCTV Operator

  • Security Systems Engineer
  • Security Systems Technician
  • Security Consultant
  • Security Auditor
  • Security Manager
  • Security Trainer
  • Security Supervisor

Companies Security Licenses Approval:

SIRA provides companies security license for the following service specification

  • Management Office Only
  • Precious Commodities Stores (value of merchandise less than 100,000)
  • Precious Commodities Stores (merchandise value exceeding 100,000)
  • Precious Metals and Gemstones Trading & Manufacturing
  • Gold Offices
  • Self-Storages
  • Precious Materials Warehouse
  • Monetary Financial Institutions
Individuals Services Approval:

Security Industry Regulatory Agency offer individuals services for the following specification to start

  • Security Dog Training Center
  • Safe Transportation Vehicles Trading
  • Preparation of Vehicles for Safe Transport
  • Security Studies & Consultancies
  • Center for Operations & Monitoring Services
  • Security & Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintenance
  • Guard Property Services
  • Party Security & Private Guarding Services
  • Security Control & Alarm Equipment Trading
  • Money & Valuables Transport Services
  • Security Control & Monitoring Services
  • In-house Security Services

How to Get SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) Approval in Dubai?

If you are going to start a business with one of the above-mentioned activities, then you will be required to get appropriate licensing and approval from the Security Industry Regulatory Agency. We are here to assist you through the whole legal procedure in order to get Dubai SIRA approval without any difficulties and make your business ready to go. Our team of experts at Business Link UAE guides you to get the required business license with all external approvals from Dubai government authorities. We also assure our clients to make their business start in UAE and grow smoothly by offering our legal documentation work and visa processing with cost-effective PRO services. For any assistance, feel free to contact us at +971528557111 or email at ab@consultusthrive.com


Visa is recorded permission to suggest that a person is prima facie allowed to enter a particular country. Trust Attestation has vast experience and knowledge for the drafting of visa applications and submission to the interested country’s Embassy / High Commission or Consulate located in New Delhi, India. Trust Attestation also maintained the latest & updated knowledge on eligibility, requisite documents and prescribed fees for a different type of categories for visa applications to the embassy of various countries.

Large numbers of the applicants choose to go to UAE for not only its wealth but also for its close relations with the USA. We have the approval for visa stamping from UAE Embassy in Delhi and Mumbai, it means the customers requiring for Visa Stamping for going to UAE may get it smoothly. To date, Trust Attestation services have sent hundreds of trained employees to UAE on a work visa. Our motto is Fast & Trusted document attestation and Visa Stamping services at an affordable price in India. We involve with every client with the same enthusiasm and treat all our customers equally. There have been episodes of cheating related to Visa- Stamping from UAE Embassy, some of the agents befool the blameless visa applicants and try to extract more money from ignorant clients. We don’t want to go on such a path and get the UAE visa stamping work done straight from the proper channel on very nominal charges. I pray that you will not trap into any such dishonest agents and give us a chance to us to serve you for your prosperity.

UAE Visit Visa Stamping Services:

All citizens of India need a valid visa to enter the UAE. However, the visa application is made by the backer who is accountable for the visitor’s stay in the UAE. For more itemized facts on UAE visa, applicants may visit website Documentary needs of different categories of UAE visa (Visit / Transit /Business/study/work/family reunion /medical/cultural) are different for each category. However, all visas are subject to the compliance of the below-mentioned documents:

  • Indian Passport with a minimum of 6 months’ validity,
  • Four recent passport size photographs (back white background)
  • Return air-ticket (not applicable for certain categories of visa)
  • Copy of the visa approval obtained by the sponsor in UAE
  • Depending on the class of visa, many other documents may also be required for visa stamping from the UAE embassy in Delhi NCR. The Visa applicant may also in some cases be called for physical presence and personal interview at the Embassy in Delhi India. We deal with a welcome note for all inquiries related to UAE visas stamping without any burden whatsoever on your part.

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